Friday, June 15, 2012

MHJ Summer Weeks

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In our life this week... Hanging out and resting. Boo Bear has had an allergy attack this week so I haven't been trying to do too much. We did do a few fun things but I have mostly been trying to let him rest and get better. He has a fishing trip with Grandpa and Daddy this weekend ;)

In our homeschool this week... We are still on summer break. We will be starting a slow week probably next week. He goes to my parents for some time during the summer so I don't want to get too into something and then take another break ;). We will start working on some things and then when he gets back from his visit we will get back into the game. I found a new homeschool tracker that I'm looking at that is online and free. It's called the homeschool skedtrack so we will see how it goes. I do so love a pretty planner but since this is the first time we will have to officially report ourselves I want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row too.

Places we're going... We had two trips to the library this week. The summer programs kicked into gear and we had a blast both at the pajama party and the reading time. I am so glad they have these summer programs for his age. He was so used to going to story time when he was 3 and 4 and he truly misses that time. I do too for that matter. :)

Questions/thoughts I have... How do you schedule/track your schedule for reporting? Do you like it all on the computer where you can print it out and just make notes or do you prefer a handwritten planner?

I'm cooking... We had spaghetti one night but nothing really exciting. I did make the mini-corn dog muffins that I shared the recipe here.

I'm reading... I picked up a book called Eat Like a Dinosaur at the library yesterday. It had just come in and the librarian shared it with us yesterday during story time. It is the neatest looking cookbook I have seen yet for the gluten free/grain free lifestyle. As far as I know none of us are allergic to gluten but we all could stand to lose weight and be healthier. Being a diabetic I also want to learn how to try and eat so that it does not control me but I control it. I know how I should typically eat but I like learning new ways I never thought of. This was very interesting and I am excited to give it a try. I love the results that the family writing the book has had. The children have gotten off their asthma and allergy meds, which my son is on, they have all lost weight and gained crazy amounts of energy! Has anyone else tried this Paleo lifestyle or do you currently do it?

A photo of this week... These are not the best shots but when you are in a limited light library room and the action is quite fun it's hard to get a clear shot LOL


  1. I keep thinking I really want to go and see our local library, but I just haven't got there yet. But it's good to get reminded that it's on my list. :o)

    I like my computer for my programing. I like how it's easy to get put in, and super neat to get printed out.

    The Paper Maid

    1. Thanks for stopping by! You really should check it out. The library here is such a huge resource to us!

  2. Sorry we don't have to track and make reports so no advice there.

    I need to got to the library to sort out some books soon too.

    Summer ... Our summer is still six months away. I am looking forward to some warmer weather.

    We homeschool year round. Do you normally take the summers off ?

    1. This is our first year for summer and we are taking a little time off. We started back doing some stuff today but we plan on going through the rest of summer.

  3. thanks for visiting my blog

    we dont have to track or make reports either

    I LOVE the library :)

  4. Ugh...allergies stink! Hope your little guy is feeling better already.

    We went gluten free as a family for three weeks and it didn't seem to make much of a difference for most of us, but it made a huge difference for one of our sons who has Aspergers and he has chosen to stay on a gluten free diet. It sounds like an interesting cookbook.

    1. It is a very interesting book. I am super excited about it too. The recipes look yummy and I love to cook so that will help ;) Thanks for stopping by!!


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