Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thankful Thursday

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I am really excited today is Thursday. That means tomorrow is Friday! ANNNDDD I get to do my Thankful Thursday post ;)

- My dad. His birthday is tomorrow(and Father's Day is Sunday) and he is such an awesome father and Papa. I didn't always realize that growing up when he was so hard ( or what I thought was hard) on us but now as I raise my son I see exactly what he was doing . :) Thank you Dad for all that you have done and continue to do for us everyday. Happy Birthday and Father's Day to one amazing man!!!

- My hubby. I know I am thankful for him a lot but being this is Father's Day weekend I figured another time wouldn't hurt ;) He is an awesome dad to Boo Bear and I love watching those two together. I love hearing them both laugh and laugh until they can't breathe. They are alike in so many ways and have such a precious relationship right now. I just hope it stays that way when Boo Bear is a teenager and Daddy is remembering all his teen adventures ;)

- God's faithfulness. We are praying about something right now that could be a really big deal for us. I know that God will answer the prayer in His perfect timing and in His perfect way. I ask that you pray for/with us as we seek His will on a few things that are coming in the next few months. I remind myself that no matter what it is God's will is the perfect way and I can't let my flesh rear up to get in the way. I pray that God shows us which path we are to choose in the next few months and that things line up or they don't. Either way I know it's for the best.

- Sunshine. We have had lots of days of rain so the past few sunny days have been wonderful....

Please pray for my kiddo this week too. He's battling an allergy attack or something and there's lots of fun coming up. I want him feeling healthy and excited! ;)

So what are you thankful for this Thursday morning? Share your list and stop by some of the other blogs below. Happy Thursday !!!


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  1. I am praying for your beautiful kiddo <3 Hugs.

    Happy birthday AND father's day for your Dad...2 for 1! Haha :)

    AMEN for God's faithfulness. He is so good - all of the time!!

    Hope you have an amazing weekend! oxoxo

    Thank you for linking up to First Day of My Life's Thankful Thursday <3


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