Friday, August 3, 2012

Our Week in Review

In our life this week... I have been super busy. Getting ready for a week away from home for me and the kiddo means lots of prep work for mommy ;). I have been writing up a storm to make sure things are scheduled and planned for my work blog. This one has fallen by the wayside and I am so glad to be able to write my own thing for a minute. I have also started working on my weight loss again and finally got up the nerve to put my badge up on the my blog. So far I lost 4 lbs and that is just the beginning. 2 lbs lost this week makes me feel better. It is amazing what just tracking your food will do for you. I love using My Fitness Pal because I can scan the item with my phone and it's all there. No worrying about typing the food in and having to add the nutrients. Love it!! Let me know if you are on there as well. My name is Jenzjourney.

In our homeschool this week... We have had a slow week but fun. We started the number bonds in our Singapore math this week. That was something I was kind of scared of but we made it through. We went swimming yesterday and were working on them in the water. :) That was fun. We also talked about water pressure, tides and currents in our Apologia Science this week. We did an experiment testing the water pressure and what it does to our lungs. I am really liking this science. It has experiments along the way and it is really interesting. We are taking school with us this next week to make sure we stay on task.

People we're seeing and places we're going... This week we have had a low key week. We went to Chic Fil A on Wednesday. That was fun. We went before everyone else got up and so it wasn't too busy. The pictures of the lines later on that day were amazing! We are going to have lunch with some friends today and then heading out of town tomorrow. My little guy and his best friend are going to get to see each other on Monday for the first time since October. Our BFF's moved away and we haven't seen the in a while. We are both very excited. Plus we get to hang out with Mimi and Papa! What could be better?

Things I'm cooking... Chicken Alfredo, diet coke chicken, and I think that's it... LOL Lots of chicken this week.

Questions/thoughts I have... While I don't really know if this is homeschool related I guess it could be.. ;) Everything can be somehow related right?? Well back to the question.. My little guy decided this week he wants another pet. We have our hound dog but I am guessing this stems from him wanting something maybe that he has his own. See our hound dog came along before our kiddo did. :) So he is always asking where we got him etc. We can't really justify another dog but he is thinking guinea pig or fish tank. My hubby and I are leaning more towards fish tank. Do you have experience with these and can you lend any suggestions/advice?

A photo of the week... Working on our math bonds....

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