Friday, September 21, 2012

MHSJ Wild Week

In our home this week... Wow... Homeschooling you think you would miss out on that first few months of school crud that goes around but not so here. We woke up Monday morning with pink eye. Took a trip to the doc and got meds so we stayed home from cub scouts to avoid sharing it.Then Wednesday morning he got up feeling sick to his stomach. So that day was spent relaxing and taking it easy. sigh... So no martial arts this week either. We just stayed home and went to the store type of thing this week. Tonight though we are going to surprise our guy and take him somewhere special. Pics and story later! (Yes he has been feeling fine just took it easy to make sure ;))

In our homeschool this week... Well as you can imagine it was a nice light week. We did our reading and he is getting better. I can tell though if he is just not into the book at all. It becomes such a chore for him to read it. Of course our adventure last week trying to find some Mario and Luigi books was fruitless. We found they haven't been published since 1991 or so and NO ONE has them except eBay and Amazon... sigh...

We worked on our Singapore Math this week learning our addition facts. Basically review for him because we had started working on that last year. I was very proud of him. He did all the addition facts up to a certain number with no counting on his fingers. ;) Math seems to be something he pics up extremely fast and easy. That makes this Mama excited! I have never been one to pick it up easy or enjoy it for that matter. Thankful he picked that up from his Papa! ;)

We are working on our whales chapter in science still. We will be doing some more experiments and finishing up hopefully in the next week or so. In Art we did a fun little project where I drew something on the board one step at a time and Boo Bear drew it on his paper. He had to try and figure out what it was and he did great! :)

Places we're going and people we're seeing...We are heading to the library today. It is supposed to be the first of the homeschool programs they will be doing there. I'm not sure what all is going to be included and hope it takes off. Otherwise I might be starting up  group there to meet and get the kids together in a group learning session type thing. I know... I am crazy for considering that with everything else BUT it's as much for me as it is for everyone else. ;) Sometimes you just have to go out on a limb and do something.

Things I'm cooking... I have been cooking different stuff this week. We had meatballs, ham steak, soup and breakfast for dinner one night.

My favorite thing this week... Cuddling with my kiddo and our plans for tonight! I am super excited!!!

A photo of the week...
Boo Bear spent some time on the computer this week since he was feeling off at times. This is "concentration" face ;)

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