Friday, November 30, 2012

Back to Normal.. (Yeah Right ;))

In our life this week...It was supposed to be back to normal after our Thanksgiving holiday break. That sooo didn't happen ;). But that's okay. Hubby had inventory where he works and it was a lot longer process than normal. Not such a great thing the week after Thanksgiving to be honest. But we all made it through with all the ups and downs and are so glad to see the weekend approaching. Whew! We also decorated our Christmas tree to find out that the pre-lit lights are not so pre-lit anymore. ((sigh)) We knew the time was coming for a new tree as she is 9 years old this year but didn't really want to admit it. We decorated it anyway and put some extra lights on it to be safe. I do not want to make the news for my tree burning down my house. Of course my hubby reminded me that Myth Busters tried to do that and it didn't happen. LOL I don't want to prove them wrong okay?

In our homeschool this week... We were trying to keep this as much back to normal as possible. We got caught up on our math work, did some reading, coloring, arts and crafts and Science. Boo Bear won a free art class with a lady that does them at our Hobby Lobby so that was yesterday. He had a blast! I may look into doing that more since he is starting to show more interest in art and she will do homeschool classes :) How awesome is that!!!

We worked on a stocking craft yesterday. He had a blast doing it and so did mommy. I have never been one to do the lacing card projects but I may start doing that more. He really seemed to enjoy them.

And Mommy worked on a project of her own as well ;)

Places we're going and people we're seeing... We went shopping one night with friends this week because of Daddy's wonky schedule. We honestly just needed to get out of the house ourselves. We have a park date today and a fun weekend planned. Boo Bear will be ringing the Salvation Army bell for the Cub Scouts. We also went to the fire station with the Cubs on Monday and that was a hit. Oh, we went by and saw this huge monster too! It's awesome. Can you find my son?
I'm cooking... Not much without daddy at home. I did make some yummy donut muffins on Sunday. I hope to try out some new recipes this coming weekend too.

I'm reading... A mixture of things. We are reading a Jack Stalwart mystery book together. I am reading my new crochet how to book as well. I have done it before but would like to do more ;-)  And Boo Bear has decided he wants to learn too. This should be fun :)

My favorite thing this week... Getting up this morning and knowing it's Friday ;). We are all ready for this week to be over with.

I'm praying for... My friends sweet baby girl who was born the week before Thanksgiving. She was born basically with preemie lungs and a diaphragmatic hernia. She is full term and is right now on a heart and lung machine until she is strong enough for surgery. Her platelets have been rising and she is making progress. Praise The Lord! If you want you can stop by and see her story and pray with us. Her family is such a sweet and strong family in the Lord and they would, as I would, greatly appreciate your prayers.

A photo of the week... (or rather another photo of this week ;-))

Waiting on Daddy to come eat dinner with us last night ;)

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