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A Journey Through Learning Lapbook Review

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Do you love to lapbook? Are you unsure what it is? This is the post for you! We got a chance recently to check out some awesome lapbook kits where everything is put together for you and you get to learn lots of fun and exciting information! 
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For this review we were given the chance to use A Journey Through Learning's lapbook on Knights and Castles. This particular lapbook is for grades 2-7 and ranges in price from $13-$21 depending on the method you choose to receive it. You can choose to have it instantly downloaded, a CD or printed and sent to you. We received the instant download, printed it off and we were on our journey! You can also check out lapbooks like:

- Letters, Numbers and Shapes
- The Earth
-Astronomy and Space

If you are unfamiliar with lapbooking, like I was, it is really a neat and wonderful concept for keeping all the facts and information about a subject in one place. First you have a nice big folder that you put together. This is very easily done with typical file folders. You create little books that go into your folder and it helps your child look back at what they have learned. Some children love this and others are not as enthused. It has a lot of cutting, pasting and writing depending on the subject and what you find to go in the lapbook. Honestly, I have tried these before doing the information on my own and it wasn't as easy as I hoped. 

This product, however, has given me a new love for lapbooks. A Journey Through Learning puts everything you need at your fingertips. All the information, mini-books, everything is all together in one place. You just print and go! I also love that this is written with a Christian perspective. I truly do love that God can be woven into every aspect you are learning. It makes this Mama smile! 

Our lapbook took us from the Fall of Rome to the Middle Ages and a little farther. We learned about the weapons a knight uses and how heavy their armor used to be. We also got to dive into castles and other aspects of this time period. This lapbook is chock full of great information and room to go as deep or as shallow as you want to. It gives you a suggestion of books you can read to go along with the lapbook or you can simply do the work it gives. We even hopped online to play some Knight games and had a blast. The product is made for you to work on a piece of information and one mini-book each day. You can go as fast as you want or stop and expound on a certain area if your child is interested in it.

Here's a sample of our lapbook in progress:

How did we use this in our homeschool?
- I would read the lesson or reading everyday to my son as he worked on cutting out the mini-books.
- Once I was finished reading and he was finished cutting, we would paste the mini-books in our lap-book.
- We would answer the questions or fill in the drawings, whichever the mini-book called for. 

My son's opinion is: two thumbs way up! He said it's perfect. I think this is a great addition to your homeschool studies. You can learn history or other subjects in a fun way and have something neat to show off what you learned. I do have to say that I had to keep myself from cutting it for him etc. I admit. I'm a tad OCD when it comes to neatness with that type of thing. I do think his crooked cuts add a certain character to it ;-) I do love the fact that while it can be done one page a day, he asks to do multiple pages a day. That tells me he is enjoying learning and what he is learning about. That says a lot to this Mama!

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  1. We enjoyed our lapbooks, too. Have a GREAT weekend! Stopping by from the Crew. :)

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