Friday, March 8, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up

 In our life this week... We are dealing with a fear of the dark, tummy issues and crazy weather. How about you? ;) We are trying some new dietary guides this week to see if things change for my little guy. Otherwise we will be heading to do the doctor. Things are just not settling like they should and I'm hoping the plan we have for the weekend works ;) Otherwise it was normal stuff around here. We did have to have a LEGO Day this week but otherwise normal...

In our homeschool this week... We are progressing nicely in our math curriculum. We have been doing some harder concepts so when we made it to the chapter on shapes he was super excited. It helps us move along when we are doing easy stuff that we know ;). Mommy likes it too because we don't seem to get so bogged down.

We got a new reading curriculum to review this week and I'm super excited. I was reading the information for me and I had to stop and read it to my hubby. I asked him who does that sound like? It makes me feel better that this is normal for children and that this will hopefully help me fill in any gaps he might have.

I started introducing cursive writing this week too. He loves an app I added on my Kindle for writing practice because it shows him cursive. Since then he has been all about wanting to write that way. So this week we started in with it.

We finished up our lesson 6 in our science book and are gearing up for a new chapter. I found some fun science experiments on Pinterest this week so we will work on those too. Just nice to add and shake things up a bit.

Places we're going and people we're seeing... We had a park day, shopping trip and library trip this week. We also went last Saturday to a Knapping festival. We learned about Native Americans and their tools and way of life. We also got to throw a tomahawk! Oh and I shared this Monday but we lost our second tooth this past weekend ;)

I'm cooking... Cake ball pops, diet coke sloppy joe sliders, chicken alfredo and last night was pizza night. I started a menu planning linky on Mondays but this was the first week so we will see how it goes ;) Do you menu plan?

I'm reading... Lots of things for homeschool. We are reading a Geronimo Stilton book together and he listened to some of Junie B's audio books.

My favorite thing this week... Cuddles with my kiddo, a few nights of solid sleep, having a plan in place to hopefully help him settle down.

 A photo of the week... We were working on our Apologia sea scene here....


  1. It seems that so many homeschoolers have had illness in their families this week! Sorry to hear about yours. It looks like you had a good learning week despite it!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Phyllis. It has been a wild ride but thankfully we are coming out of it ;)

  2. Sorry your little guy isn't feeling well. Praying he does soon.

    I do menu plan but it's more of a guide then set in stone. I like to keep my options open. lol

    1. Thank you Stefanie. Things are starting to settle down nicely. Stomach issues are fewer than they have been PTL!

  3. I do menu plan. In fact, I stick to it most of the year. For me it helps with budget and variety. I do stick in leftover days. And I do put Fish Fridays, etc. on the menu. Currently we are doing two sports so there is a lot of soup, breakfast for dinner, and easy meals. But mostly I love a meal plan. So does my family.

    Fear of the dark is a hard one. We bought a turtle that shines starlight on the ceiling and a moon that hangs on the wall and is a nightlight. We also keep a flashlight in his drawer. We often converse about how safe he is and how long he's slept in there unharmed. And that we are right around the corner. And we pray a lot about it too.

    Good luck. I've rambled on. Sorry!

  4. Thanks for linking up to HammockTracks last week. I enjoyed your post and will feature it at tomorrow's link up.

    1. Oh wow! Thanks Savannah! I am so thankful and honored that you are featuring it. Can't wait to see it ;)


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