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Moving Beyond The Page: Tornado and Amazing Weather Review

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For this review I received a Language arts study and a Science Study from Moving Beyond the Page. The language arts study was Tornado and the science study Amazing Weather. These two units can be done separately but they tie in so well together, they are recommended to do them at the same time. These units are designed for ages 7-9. You can receive the physical copies of the books or you can get a download of the unit study.

Moving Beyond The Page is an entire homeschool curriculum. This is a literature based curriculum and works well for those who are hands-on learners. They have a wide variety of curriculum sets to choose from or you can pick and choose units to study together. They offer social studies, science and language arts sets that all coordinate with each other. We love science here so the one we chose was a LA and a science unit. We have also, unfortunately, heard a lot about tornadoes so this was perfect timing to help explain those weather phenomenons.

Amazing weather runs $29.91 for the download or $33.97 for the physical copies.

Tornado runs $20.91 for the download and $24.97 for the physical copies.

This is what we received in our package...

We received the physical books for Tornado that included the book Tornado, How the Turtle Got It's Shell and the activity guide. Tornado is a story about a dog and his friend that meet during a, you guessed it, Tornado. Your child will also learn about the life on a farm and what a tornado can do to the area. I liked the fact that my son could read the story fairly easy as it was larger print. He does well but sometimes with certain fonts he struggles. This was a very easy book to read and easy on the eyes.

Tornado comes with lesson plans and worksheets for your children to work on as they read through the story. They will learn about life on a farm while also learning valuable language arts skills. A few of those skills covered in this unit include:
- Learning elements of fiction i.e plot, sequence, and resolution
- Language cultures and differences
- Increase their vocabulary
- Make predictions
It is recommended that your child be able to read at a 3rd or early 4th grade reading level. This is typically used by children that are 2nd or 3rd grade level. My son is probably not quite that level yet but with help he was able to do it fine. He really enjoyed the story and so did I.

My favorite aspects of this curriculum is the easy way it is laid out. I have to tell ya. I love curriculum that makes it easy on Mama to teach it. This does just that. You have each day listed out with activities that you will do for that days lesson. You also have the reading assignments and it is typically a chapter a day. We spent about 30 minutes probably every day with this lesson and combining it with the Amazing Weather lessons. Here's a picture of Boo Bear drawing a tractor on the first day. This actually turned out to be a great picture he drew...

The Amazing Weather unit study was one that we had online access to. We did receive the thermometer, On The Same Day In March book and Weather and Climate - Geography Facts and Experiments book. I would go in to the online guide and print out each days lessons ahead of time and use them in conjunction with our language arts. Each day had several activities listed that you could choose from. Some of the ones we did were measure the temperature for several days, learn about what to wear in different temperatures and work with the thermometer. With the online access you can go on and print as much or as little of the forms that you need. You can choose to do all of the activities that go along with the reading or you can choose one or two. The choice is up to you! Some of the skills you learn in this unit are:
- Define geography and use terms to describe the landscape
- Describe weather using measurements such as temperature or wind direction
- Observe and record changes in the weather

These are both great exciting units that your family will enjoy. If your children are ready for a challenge and a or they are bored with their current studies, this is a great addition. It is very hands-on and causes your children to think.

I would highly recommend this to those who either want full inclusive science, language arts or social studies curriculums that tie in together or those who want great solid unit studies. These are fun units and you can use as many or as few as fit your needs. I am definitely considering using these for our 2nd grade social studies and language arts next year. They were a great help and Boo Bear seemed to enjoy them.

Be sure to click below and see what other great units they have to offer!

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  1. I have a soon-to-be second grader, and I haven't quite decided what we're going to do next year. I'll definitely check out Moving Beyond the Page. I need something that has everything scheduled for me so this program might be perfect for us.

    1. They are definitely fun and exciting! I hope it works out for you. I am thinking of doing more of these next year myself :)


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