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Circle Time : Plan The Best Part Of Your Homeschool Day Review

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For this review I was blessed to receive the Preschoolers and Peace company's ebook called Circle Time. This wonderful book can be purchased for $4.99 and offers a great addition to your circle time in your home. If you do not already have circle time , you may be wondering what it is. This is basically a general time for your children and family to learn together. This is group learning and the things you do in the group will be the same, with some adjustments for age, for everyone. This book is for mom to help plan the "best part of your day".

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Circle time is a great time to do Bible studies together, science experiments, memory work and much more. This is a time for families to truly sit together, pray together and enjoy time... together. Circle time is one thing my son bragged about from his Pre-K days and I have tried incorporating it here. Unfortunately, it always fell to the wayside for other reasons. Until I got this book, that is. :-)

The creator of Circle Time is Kendra and she was wanting to share ways of homeschooling with little ones underfoot. She developed the blog Preschoolers and Peace and the ebook Circle Time flowed from there. This awesome addition to our home helped give me some wonderful ideas and insight on how to run our Circle Time. Since it is only me and Boo Bear schooling, you would think our whole day is circle time. Sort of but not quite.

Using the printables you find in the book you can set up and design your specific circle time events to your family's needs. You choose activities you want to get to such as those subjects that get left out when your day is just too full already. You make yourself a list of items you want to get to and start developing your special time together. I have added Bible reading, memorization, spelling and site words to ours. I decided I would take the route that Kendra did in her book and create a binder for him. This would help us have everything we needed in one spot. Some items to place in his binder include calendar pages, planning pages, Bible book pages, scripture memory pages and site word pages.

This book is a great addition to your planning stages if you are looking for ways to create circle time harmony in your home. You can find tips on:

- How to get your kids on board with circle time events
- Advice from other mom's just like you on how to make this work
- See what other questions mom's have and get yours answered
- Those great printable sheets I mentioned above
- And more!

If you have been looking for a way to improve or just to start your family circle time learning, this is a great place to start. The ebook is very affordable and is easy to read. You can have circle time going in no time when you work with Kendra's great book. Check it out and see for yourself why we are loving circle time more and how you can implement these ideas in your homeschooling day.

Remember to click the link below to see how others placed these ideas in their homeschools.

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