Friday, May 16, 2014

Weekly Recap - One With A Birthday

This week was our first semi-normal week in close to two months. Boo Bear came back home this week from visiting his grandparents while we moved. We are so thankful they kept him so we could move without him being in the middle of that mess. We got back to school this week, had a birthday party and sort of returned to as much normal as possible. Here's a look at what our week looked like.

First we celebrated Boo Bear's 8th birthday. I can't believe where the time has gone. He has grown up entirely too fast for Mama....

He was one happy kid! He got to see all his grandparents and have a party too! I took some shots of him this weekend and here's one of my favorites.

Of course I just convinced him that afternoon to go get a haircut. I'll have to take some more now ;)

We had lots of fun with my parents visiting. They got to see the new house and Molly surely enjoyed their visit.

Yes I'm a mean mama and I made him do school work on his birthday ;). This week was our first full week back to school and we are trying to get 2nd grade finished with. We still have a ways to go since we took time off for the move and house buying process.

So we got started back and have completed a chapter in math, started a new one in science and are working hard on our ACE Paces. I think next year we will be changing the whole PACE curriculum. He's not into it as he was and he's now remember how homeschool can be. Not so much workbook but also teaching. :) Do you have any suggestions for a great 3rd grade grammar/spelling/literature combo?

We also are learning about all sorts of creatures now that we've moved to the country. We have all sorts of birds at our bird house and bird feeder. Squirrels, bunnies and raccoons too! Yesterday we saw a new creature in our yard. It was quite exciting!!

Meet Mr.(or Mrs.) Turtle! We got pretty close to it and of course Boo Bear wanted to keep it. Oh boy!!

It has surely been an exciting week and so great to be back to normal routines again. How was your week this week? Did you do fun exciting things or was it your day as usual? Be sure to check out the links below to share your week!!! 
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  1. They always want to keep the animals they find.

    1. Yes they do! I had to convince him to let him go :) LOL


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