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GrapeVine Studies: Birth of Jesus - Multi-Level Review

Grapevine Studies Review
Recently we got the chance to check out the GrapeVine Studies unit called the Birth of Jesus : Multi-Level
Grapevine Studies Review
This award winning curriculum is a unique way to add in the bible study lessons you want with an element of fun. It can be hard to figure out where you want to start working with your child on studying the bible. I know it's sometimes hard for me to figure out where I want to start reading myself, much less teach. With these studies, you can find a great starting point that allows you to get into the Word with your child in a way they can understand. 

These homeschool bible study lessons offer you a way to learn that is different from what we've used before. You are about to go on a fun adventure stick figuring through the bible! Yes you heard that right! You may have said before all you can draw are stick figures. Well, here's your bible curriculum choice just for you! 

What We Received: 
For this review we received the student workbook and the teacher edition of Birth of Jesus for ages 7 and up. The student book itself has a little less than 50 pages and the teachers edition has over 60. I used a couple of our binders we have here at home to make our Bible study booklet. 

The teacher's guide has a suggested lesson plan that we followed but you can do it however it fits best for you. We used the lesson guide and had one section of the weeks lesson each day. For a typical week for us, we started on Monday with the timeline. This is where the fun Stick Figuring Through the Bible comes in. For the little ones in your family, they have the younger levels where your little one can trace the stick figures. We were using the older level where children draw the figures in as you talk about them. 

As we went over the figures, Boo Bear would draw them in on the first day and we would discuss some of what we were drawing. I would draw them with him on a marker board as he drew them in his book. The lesson pages go over things such as The Announcement, The Proclamation, and the Wise Men. Each section has a variety of verses and questions for you to research with your little one to find out the story of the Birth of Jesus. There's a weekly memory verse for you to learn and lesson review questions at the end of your daily lesson pages. 

Teachers Guide

The next weeks lesson starts off with a review of the previous week before you get going on your new addition. It builds each week on what you've learned to add to the timeline of Jesus' Birth. You're going on the exciting journey with Mary and Joseph as they travel through various lands culminating with the birth of Christ. 

This exciting curriculum is a perfect addition to your daily bible studies. The study is based on five weeks of lessons total or there's 24 daily activities. You could do this in two or three days a week if you wanted to, but we used it each day of the week that we school. 

What we thought:
I loved using this material. It was a really fun way to learn the birth of Jesus and to work with it on Boo Bear's level to get a deeper understanding of it. He enjoyed the stick figure drawing and put his own flair on the pictures. It encompasses a variety of learning styles and helps to concrete the information in your mind. 

There are many levels and stories available for your homeschool bible study lessons. You can check out the about the levels page to see where your child would fit in with the stick figure lessons. You can also see their page by clicking here on how to choose the right level for your family. There are a variety of levels to go through and you can even get a level to fit each different age of your children together. Here's a few sample lessons to look at as well so you can get a better idea of what to expect. 

Be sure to check GrapeVine out on social media below and click the banner to see other Crew Members reviews. You're going to really enjoy this fun and exciting way to bring Bible lessons into your homeschool room.

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Grapevine Studies Review

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