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FishFlix.com: War Room Review

FishFlix.com Review
The older my kiddo gets, the more important it is to me that we have wholesome good movies and shows to watch. The older he gets, (and myself), the worse television seems to get. I am so in love with the FishFlix.com company and their amazing videos they offer. Recently we were able to review War Room from FishFlix.com and it's definitely one you should put on your "to-watch" list.

FishFlix.com provides a variety of movies that are Christian based and offer an encouraging and uplifting message. You can trust that these films are family friendly and are high quality Christian DVD's. These movies make it easy to have a family movie night trusting that your values and morals are sacred. You can choose from a variety of Christian DVD's available at their website and pick up a lot of the popular favorites you've been wanting to see. War Room itself is one of my favorites I've watched and I hope you love it as we did.

What We Received:
We received the War Room DVD for our review. This is a recently released film and is an amazing movie to watch with your spouse, family and friends.

FishFlix.com Review

From the Kendrick brothers, the people who created Fireproof and Courageous, comes another beautiful story. This one is based around a family in turmoil, a wise grandmother who is pouring into the life of a young wife, and the way God steps in and steps out when you let Him.

You'll follow the story of Elizabeth and her husband Tony who have trouble getting along. Their marriage is in a rocky place and Elizabeth meets Miss Clara when she works with her to sell her home. Miss Clara challenges Elizabeth to pray for her husband and family like she's never prayed before.

Miss Clara explains that a War Room was the place where the military plans their strategies during times of war. Elizabeth is to do the same thing. She will prepare her battle plan to save her family and in the meantime, her husband Tony has some hidden things come to light. Choices are made from each member to either fight or quit.

This amazing story is one of beauty as you learn the true power of a praying family. You see God move in ways that you never thought. Through laughter, tears, and frustrations, God is always present.

What we thought:
This is an amazing movie to watch as a family. It is rated PG and my almost 10-year old enjoyed it as well. You'll laugh with the Jordan family, cry with them and see them move through with the power of prayer.

Miss Clara is probably my favorite character in this entire movie. My husband loves her too. He even asked to watch it again. (that's a good thing!!). We also watched it when my parents were down and they enjoyed it as well.

I believe this is a great call out to all Christians to learn to fight in prayer for their families, their country, and their community. Battles on your knees are won with God's help and this shows that He listens and hears us when we pray.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a number one movie. You'll learn how to pray for your family, how to set up your own war room and just how powerful prayer truly can be.

If you're looking for fantastic Christian movies, then FishFlix.com is the place to head. Check them out on social media below and see the other movies reviewed by the Crew by clicking on the banner.

FishFlix.com Review
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