Friday, March 11, 2016

Thankful Thursday... A Day Late...

670. I'm thankful for fun exciting surprises. My kiddo was surprised this week with a visit from his out of state grandparents. Boy was he shocked!!

671. For fun field trips. We were able to visit the Crayola Factory and the M&M's store this past week. It was quite an adventure.

672. For fun and exciting opportunities that are coming up at church. I love our church family and love that my entire family is getting involved.

673. For being able to homeschool. School rolls with life and we can school wherever we are. Lately that has been everywhere but home...

674. This patient and loving pup. She lets him look at her for the sake of science and she does so with a smile. In reality, she's loving it because she's getting extra attentions...

675. I'm thankful for new recipes working like a charm this week. In an effort to bring all my family into a lower carb, more healthy diet, I've tried all sorts of things. So far every single one got a thumbs up from the hardest to please, my kiddo.

676. I'm thankful for delicious flavored coffee like Cinnamon Churro and Frosted Oatmeal Cookie. I can feel like I'm being bad without really being bad at all.

677. For God's faithfulness in all things. He has really pushed me to do things this past week I wasn't so confident or comfortable with. But I can say that He has shown up and shown out each time. Go God!!

678. I'm thankful for silly giggles and singing on the trips to allergy shots, drama, science...the grocery store.

679. A clean house. Yes we stay home but because we stay home, things get cluttered more than I like. :) I just love a clean ready to go house. Now, if it will stay that way hahaha. (Tell me I'm not alone in this battle of the house chores...)

What are you thankful for?

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