Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thankful Thursday

660. I'm thankful for this sweet boy's heart. He never ceases to amaze me with his deep thinking and beyond his years ideas. We are reading Luke right now to help us prepare our hearts for Easter. Love hearing him read the Word.

661. I'm thankful that when God's ready for you to step out of the boat, He's always right there with you. He's sometimes pushing you out of the boat. When you take that step, whew.... Get ready!

662. I'm thankful for this beautiful girl. She's a joy to have around and always lifts our spirits and makes us giggle uncontrollably.

663. I'm thankful my new cookbook came in earlier than I expected! Can't wait to try all the goodness that is waiting in this book!!

664. I'm thankful for wholesome Christian movies to watch. The ones that amaze you and just pull your heart strings every. single. time. you watch it. :)

665. I'm thankful for the wild and wacky schedule we have right now. It is crazy amazing but I wouldn't change it.

666. I'm thankful that we are blessed with amazing friends.

667. I'm thankful for time to spend with those amazing friends this past weekend.

668. I'm thankful for finding a hobby that keeps me sane, most of the time.

669. I'm  thankful it's okay to be a little crazy ...

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