Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thankful Thursday

710. I'm thankful for Boo Bear's play.

711. I'm thankful that Boo Bear's play is over... LOL for just a bit anyway. (this is really our sports team)

712. I'm thankful for beautiful sunny days and the FREEZING COLD pool water. Oy! The older I get the more it hurts

713. I'm thankful for the giggles, laughs, and craziness that flows through our house.

714. I'm thankful for four nights in a row that we've been able to eat at home. That's a record here lately!!!

715. I'm thankful that so many of our church friends were able to get out and come to the play. It means a lot!!

716. I'm thankful my parents were able to see his play for the first time.

717. I am thankful that Boo Bear has found his niche. He isn't a sporty kid but he loves theater, acting, and the drama club. Plus he has his science classes. I'm just so excited for him that he found something he truly loves to do and does it well.

718. I'm thankful for slower days at home. They are few and far between but thankfully things are slowing down.

719. I'm thankful for opportunities God is opening up in front of me that I never dreamed would be there. Can't wait to see what the future holds!!

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  1. I am thankful we got to see his play. He did an awesome job as we knew he would. Yes, I believe between science and theater, he has found his niche. Still waiting to see what God has in store for him, too.


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