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MaxScholar: MaxScholar Intervention Reading Intervention Programs

MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs Review
Recently we received the opportunity to review the MaxScholar program called MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs. We used the MaxGuru set and worked on this program through our computer. We received one year online access for one student.

This program focuses on the Orton-Gillingham approach for helping those with learning disabilities or dyslexia. This program is geared for a multi-sensory type of learning to help your learner improve their reading skills in just a few minutes everyday. You can find a variety of programs all under the MaxScholar program that your children are sure to enjoy.

We received:
We received the one year subscription to the digital program. This can be played on your computer, your iPad or other tablets if you have access to them. This makes it easy for your program to go with you when you're road-schooling.

This program works well with all students of varying ages. You can have your Kindergartner work on improving their newly found reading skills or help your older child who is maybe struggling with some of the harder reading they are coming into.

This program offers games, reading lessons, building root words and so much more!

MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs Review
How to use it:
This program is set up to work through lessons in a few minutes, depending on what topic you're working on. One area we worked with was the area of highlighting the main ideas in a paragraph. Boo Bear is great with reading on his level but sometimes it's hard to understand what the "main ideas" of the paragraph truly are without getting sidetracked in details. This was one area we worked with. The program gives him a passage to read and he is then to highlight several of the main ideas in the paragraph. The system gives him the number he should highlight and then he can see if he got them correct.

I should also mention that to start off with the program will give your student an entry exam. This is basically just to see at what level they are reading and where in the program would be great for them to start.

Moms, Dads, or teachers can also sign in and see the progress your child is making. MaxReports is the area where you can see the progress your child is making. They show the programs they've worked on and what their scores were. It can really help to show your child as well when they are discouraged. It helps them see where they started and where they've made it to.

There are many program options available on this program and you can use it for one or more students. It is used in homes, schools, and other locations to help your child succeed in their reading progress.

Don't forget having fun while learning! Whether your child is dealing with ADHD or a processing disorder, the games are fun for everyone! You can play a variety of games that help your child improve their skills throughout the process.

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MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs Review

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