Thursday, June 9, 2016

Weekly Weight Update

So no. I didn't forget to post a menu plan this week. I did plan it out last week, went grocery shopping, have it on my chalkboard and everything. Just haven't had a chance to come on here and share it with you all! So sorry!!

It has been a crazy, crazy week!! We are in the midst of our two week drama camp for Boo Bear. They are practicing five hours a day for two weeks and then a performance three times in a row coming up. Whew!!! I'm tired just writing that!! They really do an awesome job and we can't wait to see the play!

Here is an update so far on my progress and things I'm finding out:

So, drumroll please (brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbr......) I have officially lost 3 more pounds since I started THM. That may not seem like a huge loss but let me tell you... When you have two health conditions fighting you a pound or less is a good loss. Any loss is a good loss. I know, too, that my body is having to heal from years of damaging eating patterns. So, a loss is a loss!

I did take my measurements a couple years ago when I first found THM. From those measurements I've lost overall 8 inches. Yes, that's more than just the past few months but inches lost are inches lost. :-)

My energy levels have been much better than I have had in a long while. Also, I know when I eat something I shouldn't. Like right away. THM is about food freedom but eating things that are not "on-plan" rear their ugly head. There's so much goodness on plan I don't know why I eat anything that is not. So I'm thankful for those amazing tells that my body is showing now.

Boo Bear is getting in the kitchen with me and trying out new recipes. He made the Strawbisicles in the cookbook and they were quite yummy!

I tried the German Chocolate shake from the cookbook as well. Yummy!!

So since I'm almost to a new week, I'll share the menu plan later. :) How are you doing? Do you find menu planning helps you?

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