Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Moments

Wow! It has still been kind of crazy around here. We are slowly and surely getting back into our routine. This weekend we spent some of it with Nana. :) We had a nice time celebrating my hubby's birthday. It's not for another couple of weeks but this was easier to just go ahead and celebrate since in two weeks we're not sure what's going on.

School starts back up today. Not only for us but public schools are back in business. That means that the questions will be quite rampant here soon. LOL I find that the older he gets the more they come. What grade are you in? Where do you go to school? Most times he just says I'm homeschooled and we have mixed reactions. Some are telling him how lucky he is and some say wow... I could never do that to me. That is something that still puzzles me at times. It is hard. Do not get me wrong. We have days where I just want to throw in the towel. Then there are days like Saturday where his Great- grandmothers are just so impressed by his vocabulary and knowledge of things that they don't even remember learning. LOL Those days make it all worth it to me. Because you see with homeschooling we don't have to go by grade levels and do what everyone else is doing. We can explore his interests while doing those things at the same time. I love it!

I love the freedom. I love the excitement in his eyes when I say it's time for school. I love the exploring we can do. I love that no matter what is going on that we are together. Together through the argumentative times, through the good times, through the tough times when I am sure I will pull my hair out... Together...

Thank you Lord for this opportunity and blessing you have given me that we can homeschool. I am forever grateful and will always strive to keep You first in our school and our lives. Now... let's see what adventures we can go on today!!

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