Friday, October 26, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

In my life this week... It was busy and a learning lesson for me. Don't you just love it when God speaks so clearly to you and gives you a gentle reminder? It was one of those weeks. We were busy yet again. Although I may get overwhelmed with my list of calendar events this next few months I wouldn't change it for anything. I love this time of year with all the festivals, fun and excitement.

In our homeschool this week... We took a tour of the elementary school by our house. There was talk of Boo Bear going to school there and Mommy getting a job outside of the house. It was just talk to begin with but my kiddo wanted to see it and go do it. So I took him on the tour but I just could not relax or get a peace about it. It was an emotional wreck! I took that as a sign that it's not time and that's not what is in the plans for us. I was worried more about money issues and God has blessed me with three opportunities right now that I am working on. God moves and works to show us where He wants us. Right now I feel He wants me at home with my kiddo. ;)

We also worked on our subtraction and addition in Singapore Math. We finished up our chapter on Pinnipeds in Apologia Science. Daddy and Boo Bear need to make a seal for our ocean box and hopefully they can this weekend. He is doing well on the writing and spelling. I dictated sentences to him with his spelling words yesterday and that seemed to go pretty well. :) Reading is progressing nicely as long as we can find something he likes. ;) (isn't that the truth with us too ;))

Places we're going and people we're seeing... We stopped by daddy's work this week. We have a library fall festival today and trick or treating at the nursing home in town. We are really excited about that. :) Boo Bear and Daddy went to Cub Scouts this week and talked to a sheriff's deputy that came in. He even got to do his fingerprints so that was exciting!

I'm cooking...Whole Wheat Waffles, bacon, spaghetti and teriyaki chicken.

I'm praying for... Friends that are sick, guidance on the job opportunities in front of me, family and this election. I will be casting my vote this weekend or early in the week.

My favorite thing this week... God's gentle reminder to trust in Him and stop looking back. Also I love the nursing home trick or treat every year ;) I think this is more for me than him. I dearly miss my grandparents and it's like I get to see them (or my adopted grandparents) again.

A video of the week... 

I shared this earlier in the week but it is truly one of my favorite scenes in the movie. ;)

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