Friday, March 1, 2013

Lone Star Learning Target The Question Review


If you are like me word problems are the Achilles heel to your math knowledge. I could do the simple ones that were really obvious but those that made you actually think a little bit outside of the box always got me. I tried but sometimes my thinker just did not want to think the way the question was posed. :) So when we got this review opportunity I was excited to give my son a boost in that department.

For this review we received the Lone Star Learning curriculum called Target The Question for the 1st grade level. This is a digital curriculum that you can use online or print forms off for you to work offline with.

There are several levels that this works for from 1st grade to 7th grade in English and in Spanish it is available for 1st-5th. This will work on Windows and Mac but there are certain requirements for your computer to be able to run the system. The product starts at $59.99 depending on what grade and level you choose.

This is scheduled for using 10-15 minutes a day. It is a great supplement to your current math curriculum. You access the program with a sign in and password each day and work with your child on the question of the day. One of the great things is this is not a permanent download to your computer so you do not have to worry about having any space on your computer hard drive.

 You start off with a problem a week and each day is a new question. This is to help your child learn to pull the information out of the problem to get the answer they need. There's an interactive white board for you to write the numbers down on that they pull out or illustrate something to help them get the answer they need.

What we thought and how we used it: Each day we would start off with this question to get our minds thinking. We would use the computer to do the question of the day before we started any other formal curriculum. We would spend a few minutes each day answering the question and seeing if we got the answer right. We did not print the pictures out but instead used our computer each day. You can print out the questions, answer sheets, and some check off lists for each weeks problem. This is a great way to show you what skills they are working on.

While this was a nice download and a great way to induce thinking, Boo Bear was kind of on the fence about it. To me it's a great way to help him get those wheels turning and learn how to pull information out of it. For him, he wasn't exactly jumping for joy to do the problems :) Sometimes it's like that though.

I think this is a great way to implement problem solving and thinking into your homeschool. We worked on it each day and made sure to answer the questions and talk about how to find the answer. We will definitely keep using it. I think it is great for a supplement to your everyday and have kind of a warm up for your day.

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