Monday, March 4, 2013

Throwing a Tomahawk And First Menu Planning Linky!

We had a fairly eventful weekend! :) We had a lunch date Friday, lost our second tooth on Saturday and we learned about the Native Americans and tomahawk throwing. All in all a great time ;). Course I was a little concerned that my kiddo was throwing a tomahawk.. several times. sigh.. they do grow up fast right? LOL

With the fun exciting weekend over comes a new week to plan. I have found that by taking time to plan my meals for dinner and doing it consistently I am saving money. Last week I asked about the warehouse club memberships and while some did not think they were worth it, others were all excited about what they gain by using them. :) It's truly a mixed bag when it comes to these places.

So I thought I would give it a try again this year to see how we can adjust our budget. Things like milk, eggs, meat and produce are just better prices at Sams than other places. I do love wondering around and finding all those great items too :).

So here goes my first week of Monday Meal Plans. I am going to start doing this each week and you are free to link up with your meal ideas. Please do! I love new recipes and sharing new ideas. Stop by and share your weekly plans with me so we can help each other save on the grocery budget!

Sunday - Sausage Casserole
Monday - Chicken Alfredo
Tuesday - Breakfast For Dinner
Wednesday - Ghoulash
Thursday - Chicken Tenders
Friday - Hamburgers and Tots
Saturday - Something Grilled ;)

Okay so I'm planning to stick with this plan :) LOL I know.. Sounds redundant but let's face it. Things happen unexpectedly during the week and we will be flexible. I will also be doing grocery shopping this week so I can plan for the next week.

Link up below if you do a menu planning post or if you have a recipe to share! Thanks for coming by and hope to see you planning away!

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