Friday, March 1, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up : End of February

In our life this week... It is up and down with the temperatures so we never know what we are going to do. Some days this week were rainy and stormy and then we had a couple of nice pretty days and today it's cold again. Of course not as cold as our Northern friends but in Central Florida the 30's and 60's are considered cold. LOL

In our homeschool this week... We tried getting back to our regularly scheduled programs this week. To say it was a difficult process would be putting it somewhat mildly. My hubby and son are both fighting a cold or allergies. So while I was trying to help with that we were also trying to get our school work in. He feels fine just didn't want to do any math, or anything else for that matter. There were a couple of great days like this one where school went outside:

We also have been having a great time working on a review for you. This one is a great lapbook that is coming for review in a few weeks!!!

This is really awesome and a wonderful topic for boys ;) 

We tried getting into the Dr. Seuss's birthday spirit but alas... Boo Bear doesn't like reading his books. Sigh... Not sure why but he doesn't. Oh he will watch Cat In The Hat or The Lorax or even Horton Hears A Who but he's not fond of reading them.So ... 
We tried ;)

I also learned a very valuable lesson myself this week. You can check that out here

Places we're going and people we're seeing... Not much this week. We stayed home for most of the week. We did run a few errands but other than that we stayed home. Maybe we can get a library trip in soon. 

My favorite thing this week... Hanging out and learning to let go. :) Also we had a nice walk and some outside time in our yard without it being so hot or nasty. Also NO MORE BELLY BUTTON PAIN!!! WAHOO!!! ;) 

Things I'm cooking... Stir fry, General Tso's chicken, pork chops with mushroom gravy and my kiddo and I have been cooking breakfast together. 

I'm praying for... Friends who need prayers, my hubby to feel better and that whatever ninja snuck into my bedroom last night and karate chopped me doesn't do it again.. Boy I'm stiff and sore this morning...

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  1. So you were karate chopped during the night? Oh no!!! Hope he doesn't come back any time soon. Love reading about your week.

  2. Oh, weeks like that...can be a challenge, but you seemed to have gotten through with quite a number of accomplishments! It sounds like OUTSIDE SCHOOL works pretty well! I can't wait until we can get outside more! ::sigh:: The snow may be beautiful (and needed) but it does damper our outside time.


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