Saturday, February 13, 2016

Thankful Thursday

630. I'm thankful for beautiful sunny weather

631. I'm thankful for the relationship these two have. Yes, this is an older picture but they hang out together so well.

632. I'm thankful for the bestest little brother and uncle anyone could ask for. He's the coolest uncle in town!

633. I'm thankful for downtime with my two special boys.

634. I'm thankful for this wild and crazy kids personality. He never ceases to amaze me and keep me on my toes.

635. I'm thankful for a visit with family that's coming very soon!

636. I'm thankful for calendars of all shapes and sizes. I'm a planner and they come in handy

637. I'm thankful for those who push me right out of my comfort zone

638. I'm thankful for post-it notes... They are my to-do list

639. I'm thankful for the rough days of homeschooling. Yes. They do come. No they are not fun. But they do serve a purpose. They are there to remind us that the bad days do not come near as often as the good. And... the good are so much better for those bad ones.

So what are you thankful for this week?

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